Women in Music’s “Innovative Women in New Music” Event at the Cutting Room

Apr 24, 2015

20150222_WIM_Innovators_In_Music-108As a part of our 30th anniversary celebration Women In Music teamed up with Composers Now Festival and Martha Mooke to put on an event which celebrated ‘Innovative Women in New Music’ at NYC’s The Cutting Room on February 22, 2015.

The event consisted of a panel discussion between artist Annie Gosfield, composer Missy Mazzoli, electro-acoustic violinist Martha Mooke, composer and multi-instrumentalist Angelica Negron & pianist Kathleen Supovè. They explored complex territory by asking each other questions such as, “What does it means to be ‘innovative’?” and, “Who were your earliest influences?” to which there were several common threads, the most prominent being keynote speaker Laurie Anderson.  The amazing and incomparable Laurie Anderson was honored at this WIM event and gave the audience an incredibly thought-provoking and inspiring keynote address, involving mentions as diverse as her experience as an artist in residency for NASA and her Concert for Dogs at the Sydney Opera House (for literally, thousands of actual dogs!).

Anderson is the definition and epitome of innovative. A self proclaimed multi-media artist she has experimented with everything from music, film, sculpture, performance art, new inventions...and from what she told as at the event, is now interested in pursuing stand up comedy. Martha Mooke, Composers Now’s Artistic Director Tania León and WIM President Neeta Ragoowansi presented Anderson with Certificate of Recognition and paid tribute to her.

The event ended with three short sets from performing artists Angelica Negron, who turned heads of cauliflower and broccoli into MIDI controllers, Martha Mooke, with a breathtaking and deeply explorative performance on electro-viola, and Kathleen Supovè who played pieces from both composers Missy Mazzoli and Annie Gosfield.

One of WIM’s best events to date, it was a spotlight; illuminating a group of extremely talented women in music, all of which truly embodied and celebrated what it means to be ‘Innovative’.

PIX/Channel 11 television reporter Joe Mauceri covered the event, what the report here:

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Mar 4, 2015

20150202_153451The first annual Caribbean Music Week, hosted by Sync Summit and the Barbados National Culture Foundation, took place February 1-3, 2015, in perfectly sunny, warm Barbados, combining the relaxed island atmosphere with high powered opportunities for learning and networking in the world of music sync licensing, artist management, and more. Women In Music’s Membership Co-Chair, Cassandra Kubinski, attended and reported back on the conference for this article.

Over 3 days, a plethora of panels, workshops and live music showcases brought together the likes of advertising executives, touring experts, managers, digital rights holders, publishers, artist managers, branding experts, and of course, artists from various genres, with a focus on the music emerging from Barbados and the Caribbean. Attendees had the opportunity to meet and network with executives from Coca-Cola, Grey, JWT, Ogilvy, Notting Hill Publishing, Canadian Music Week, BT Sport, Music Dealers, PiAS, and more. Leading executives such as Mathew Knowles (Beyoncé's father) were on hand to discuss their experiences in breaking and branding acts.

Expertly curated and moderated heavily by Sync Summit's Mark Frieser, the panels often turned into lively discussions between panelists and attendees. A multitude of questions were answered including how music is placed into ads, TV, films, and other media,ways to build a brand through sponsorships, touring, live shows,and the business perspective on how music and artists are chosen for opportunities. WIM member Fiona Bloom of The Bloom Effect served as a panelist as well!

The Hilton served as a beautiful backdrop for this memorable conference. Breathtaking beaches, the laid back attitude, and the nightly showcases from acts ranging from hip hop, pop, rock, reggae, and soca to simple acoustic singer songwriters made this conference truly unique. Standout acts included Nexcyx, Lil Rick, and many more breaking acts.

A full list of panelists and events can be found here: www.caribbeanmusicsummit.com

Sync Summit heads to London next, on April 9-10, 2015.
This will be another opportunity for music makers and business professionals to come together to share and discover music, make deals, and further the conversation for innovation in sync, branding, and breaking acts. Register at www.syncsummit.com


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Jan 15, 2015


Last night (Wednesday, January 14, 2015) Women in Music hosted a unique members-only event at New York University.  In front of a packed room, twenty four lucky members had their songs reviewed by top A&R reps, who shared insider feedback and critique.  Our illustrious panelists included Riggs Morales (Director of A&R and Artist Development, Atlantic Records), Melissa Emert-Hutner (Director of Publishing US Operations, Nettwerk Music Group), and Kristina Grossman (Director of A&R, Republic Records).

To kick off the evening, our panelists shared their respective backgrounds in A&R, explained their work with the artists on their rosters, divulged where they source new songs and talent, and even shared what it is they look for -- and avoid -- when doing so.  The rest of the evening was dedicated to listening.  Bands, solo artists, and songwriters alike were showcased and song genres included pop, rock, country, R&B, and EDM, to name a few.  Panelists spoke for several minutes after each song in order to give tailored feedback.  Much of the conversation revolved around the importance of understanding and mastering the fundamentals of song structure, effective choruses and hooks, clever lyric writing, storytelling, and more.
Big thanks to our panelists for donating their time and energy, to the twenty four members who submitted their work, and to all who came out to listen and support!
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