Jan 15, 2015


Last night (Wednesday, January 14, 2015) Women in Music hosted a unique members-only event at New York University.  In front of a packed room, twenty four lucky members had their songs reviewed by top A&R reps, who shared insider feedback and critique.  Our illustrious panelists included Riggs Morales (Director of A&R and Artist Development, Atlantic Records), Melissa Emert-Hutner (Director of Publishing US Operations, Nettwerk Music Group), and Kristina Grossman (Director of A&R, Republic Records).

To kick off the evening, our panelists shared their respective backgrounds in A&R, explained their work with the artists on their rosters, divulged where they source new songs and talent, and even shared what it is they look for — and avoid — when doing so.  The rest of the evening was dedicated to listening.  Bands, solo artists, and songwriters alike were showcased and song genres included pop, rock, country, R&B, and EDM, to name a few.  Panelists spoke for several minutes after each song in order to give tailored feedback.  Much of the conversation revolved around the importance of understanding and mastering the fundamentals of song structure, effective choruses and hooks, clever lyric writing, storytelling, and more.
Big thanks to our panelists for donating their time and energy, to the twenty four members who submitted their work, and to all who came out to listen and support!
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Women in Music Presented: Entrepreneur’s Playlist: Starting Your Own Record Label
 & Publishing Company

Nov 14, 2014

2014-11-13 18.42.46Women in Music presented the engaging panel: Entrepreneur’s Playlist: Starting Your Own Record Label
 & Publishing Company on November 13, 2014, to a crowd of industry professionals and entrepreneurs at the BMI headquarters in NYC.  The goal?  To dissect the entrepreneurial process and give detailed instruction on how to create and sustain a record label and publishing company in today’s market.   Esteemed speakers included Veronica Gretton (Owner, 401K Music), Justin Kalifowitz (President, Downtown Music Publishing), Rachael Sage (Founder/Owner, MPress Records & Recording Artist),  and Molly Neuman (Vice President, A2IM) who acted as the moderator.

Panelists delved deeply into topics like company management and decision-making, revenue sources and financial health, effective marketing and licensing strategies, pragmatic risks, client and catalogue acquisition, and relationship management (to name a few).  An impressive lineup of guests, they shared decades’ worth of experiences, alongside suggestions for best practices and common “do and dont’s,” all of which served to create a full picture of what it takes to start and maintain your own record label or publishing company.  As always, the floor was opened to our attendees to ask questions and engage in networking.

Many thanks and much respect to our panelists and moderator for sharing their wisdom, time and energy, and to all of you who came out!

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Women in Music and MMF presented the Music Managers Panel:

Oct 20, 2014



On September 17, 2014, BMI once again hosted Women in Music (WIM), along with partner organization, Music Managers Forum (MMF), for a panel that addressed the role managers play in today’s music industry, including strategies, stories, challenges, highs and lows, and the economics that go into managing artists and projects.  Panelists included Jessica Herman Weitz, Dawn Barger, Barry Bergman, and Alan Wolmark. The evening was moderated by Yaya Rey.  The panelists shared their advice, experience, tactics and wisdom generously, with pragmatism and honesty. Attendees also had the opportunity to engage directly with panelists by asking questions about anything from dealing with artists’ creativity to handling branding opportunities/partnerships, finding the right manager, and more.   The evening proved to be a powerful joining of the unique WIM and MMF communities, enhancing both communities’ collective knowledge and inspiring people on both the creative and business sides of the industry.

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